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Frequently Asked Questions

Why choose an independent Celebrant for my wedding?

A Celebrant is able to create a bespoke structure and content for your ceremony, exactly how you want it to be on your special day

Your ceremony can include religion, spirituality or your own very personal words or indeed a mix of all

Your ceremony can include any cultural beliefs and traditions and be mixed with any other services you wish

What is the difference with a church or register office ceremony?

A church service must be held within your church and will follow the religious element of the wedding ceremony including the standard religious vows

A registrar service can only be held in their own offices or in specifically licensed venues and must be held under a structure

With a Celebrant you have the option to choose exactly where you have your ceremony, in a castle, on a beach , in your garden, the list is endless

The date and time of day is also your choice subject to Celebrant availability

Registrars are not permitted to incorporate any spiritual or religious wording when exchanging vows however with a Celebrant all of these can be incorporated if you wish

What do Celebrant wedding ceremonies involve ?

Absolutely anything

There are no restrictions on who can take part in your special ceremony, children, family, friends and even your much loved pet!

Be unique, this is your chance to have a wedding ceremony like no other, totally meaningful to you and your guests and certainly memorable

Will you include fancy dress or themed weddings in your ceremonies ?

Yes of course, anything is possible , we just need to discuss ideas

Travel outside of Lincolnshire ?

Yes , I will travel to any destination ( costs agreed in advance of course)

Is a wedding conducted by a Celebrant legally binding?

No, currently in England, you need to go along to the registry office (if not already married) and complete a short service to gain your marriage certificate

Fees are minimal unless you require the registrar to travel

You can still have the signing of a wedding certificate (parchment) as part of your wedding ceremony using a Celebrant and most couples do not inform their guests that they have been to the registry office prior to the big day ceremony ( in fact some couples even nip along a few days after their ceremony !  )

If still unsure, why not try contacting other people who have had a Celebrant led wedding ceremony, I am sure you won't believe what can happen and watch them on YOUTUBE, there are some amazing ideas creating everlasting memories

We all spend so much time planning and buying the dress, the transport, the venue, the catering, you name it, but the real unique part that will set your wedding day apart from any others, is your bespoke ceremony

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